Stress Activity                                

Name: _________________ Teacher:
Date: Class:
Description: Students will compare stressors of pioneer children to themselves, brainstorm ideas to deal with stress, and make a stress doll.
Great Job! Good work Needs Improvement
Discussion Participation I participated in all the class discussion and my groups discussions I participated in only the class or the group discussion but not both. I did not participate in any discussions.
Group Input I shared my ideas with the group and listened to others' ideas. I was positive and encouraging. I gave input or listened, but not both. I was sometimes positive and encouraging but not always. I did not participate in a positive way with my group.
On Task I stayed focused on the discussions and the activities. I was usually paying attention but at times I was distracted by other things or people. I was only focused on the activity part of the time and distracted others from being on task.
Concepts Learned I could tell others about stress, what causes stress, and what can be done to deal with stress. I could tell others a little bit about stress and how to deal with it, but I would be unsure of myself. I could not tell others about stress or how to deal with it.
Stress Doll Completed I completed my stress doll and I think it looks great! My stress doll is partly complete or I could have done a much better job on it. I did not complete my stress doll or I did not do a good job on it.