Geography & Population Rubric                                

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Description: Analysis of where people live and why they choose to live where they do
3 Mastery 2 Below Grade Level 1 Far Below Grade Level
Settlements Student can fully explain the relationship between the geographical features that encourage communities or settlements, or discourage. Students will create a planet but cannot fully define the geographic relationship to settlements. Students will make the globe but do not make any connection to geography and settlements.
Geographical Features The students will create a globe with at least 9 out of 11 features: oceans, lakes, rivers, plains, tundra, desert, tropics, grasslands, wetlands, forests, mountains. They mention only 5-9 features. They mention 5 or less features.
Directions The planet will show the equator and all cardinal directions correctly. shows cardinal directions correctly only. Incorrectly place cardinal directions on planet.