The Trail Of Tears - Grief and Loss                                

Name: _________________ Teacher:
Date: July 28, 2002 Class: Health and Social Studies
Description: Students will trace the development and expansion of the US while studying The Trail Of Tears. Students will studey the causes of death and grief of the Cherokee Nation.
Excellent Good Satisfactory
Class Discussions Eager to participate. Was appropriate with responses. Provided some participation to the class discussions. Only participated when called upon.
Map Assignment Completed assignment neatly and on time. Completed assignment on time. Completed assignment with the help of others.
Student Independent Reading Went to many sources for information. Did more than was asked. Willing to help others in searching. Found and read information on the assigned site. Needed help in finding the information. Read most of the assignment
Journal Writing Wrote more than was required. Showed good analysis and information on the topics. Sentence structure and grammar were excellent. Completed the assignment. Used good evaluation skills but did not show good writing skills. Completer the assignment. Did not show good evaluation skills, nor sentence structure.
Statistics Worksheet Worked well with the partner. Completed the assignment thoroughly and neatly. Worked well with the partner. Basically completed the assignment. Could have been neater and more thorough. Had trouble completing the assignment. Needed help from others to finish the tasks.
Group Presentation The group knew their position well. They presented clearly with confidence. They were able to clarify their reasoning to the Judge and Jury. The group knew much about their case, but should have known more. They presented quickly. The group struggled. They were not confident in what they knew. They were not sure how or what to present to the Judge and Jury.