Begin with Love                                

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Description: After viewing the video "Begin with Love" hosted by Oprah Winfrey produced by CIVITAS ( You will write a one page essay summarizing the 5 points discussed in the video. You may not have space for everything you wish to say. Please keep your summary to one page. You will be graded by the following criteria:
Minimal 1 Basic 2 Proficient 3 Advanced 4
Completeness Not clearly organized into meaningful paragraphs Has three or two paragraphs Has four or five paragraphs Has five highly developed paragraphs
Paragraph Organization Neither topic sentences nor supporting details are clear Topic sentences may not be clear OR supporting details may not be clear Topic sentences and supporting details clearly stated Topic sentence with well elaborated supporting details
Content Displays little connection between video and the essay assignment Shows some understanding of concepts from the video as applied to the essay Displays understanding and applies multiple concepts from the video to the essay assignment Displays personal insight and depth of understanding of concepts from relevant video
Grammar and Punctuation Too many errors in punctuation evident (6+) 4-6 errors in capitalization or punctuation 1-3 errors in capitalization or punctuation Essay is error free