Color Schemes                                

Name: _________________ Teacher: Winkler
Date: Class:
Description: Collect samples of 5 different color schemes.
Fantastic! Needs Improvement What happened?
Examples from magazine 3 examples from magazines, cleanly trimmed. 2 examples from magazines, trimmed. 1 examples from magazine, picture not cleanly trimmed.
Colored examples 2 rooms colored in chosen scheme, cleanly trimmed. 1 example colored, trimmed. 0 examples of colored schemes.
Mounting No visible glue or tape, pictures on straight, and label on straight. Glue or tape visible, pictures and label crooked. Picture untrimmed or label missing.
Architectural Writing Letters neat in architectural writing, no smudges, guidelines erased. No guidelines, smudges, etc. Label not completed in architectural writing.
Description 2 sentence description, typed, mounted on front of the picture. Description written on back of assignment. No description given.
Color wheel Color wheel matches assignment and mounted on front of assignment. Color wheel incorrect or incomplete, mounted on back of paper. No color wheel attached.