Name: _________________ Teacher: Dunn
Date: Class:
Description: Art Show Slideshow
3 2 1 0
Professionalism The slideshow is neat and organized. It has a great flow and professional look with tests and colors. The slideshow has pictures and some text. Fairly basic but complete. The slideshow is incomplete or only has 3 or fewer slides. Words are misspelled or not Capitalized when expected. Not a slideshow
Images The slideshow has 4-6 photographs of art. The artists photos look professional and cropped. Fewer the 4 photos and/or photos could look more professional Incomplete, having 3 or fewer pictures. Poor photos No photos included
Text The text is professional and includes a title and artist's name. The slide show has some text including materials used or themes or techniques. The slideshow has some of the text elements but not all of them: Title, artist, materials or techniques or themes/names. The student included little or no text and may be lacking a title. No text