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UEN's Ten Free Resources
for Student Safety and Success

NetSafeUtah 1. NetSafe Utah
Internet safety videos, presentations and tips for kids, teens and parents.
UEN Homework Help 2. UEN Homework Help
Math, science, language arts, social studies and more.
Utah's Online Library 3. Utah's Online Library
World Book, CultureGrams, and thousands of full-text articles.
Reading Resources4. Reading Resources
Links and literacy tips for early readers and advanced readers.
STEM5. Cheese Science
Online and TV resources on cheese science in Utah and worldwide.
Online Games and Resources6. Online Games and Resources
Brainteasers, math and art games for students from kindergarten through high school.
Engaging programs like UEN SciFi Friday and the real science behind science fiction.
Preschool Pioneer8. Preschool Pioneer
High quality resources for youngsters ages 3-6 and their parents and caregivers.
Counties of Utah9. Counties of Utah
Facts, photos and links for each of Utah's 29 colorful counties.
UEN's Online Student Center10. UEN's Online Student Center
Research tools, learning search, interactive projects and activities.