Suicide Prevention Training
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Utah Code 53A-1-603 requires suicide prevention training for licensed employees.

"(10) (a) School districts and charter schools shall require each licensed employee to complete two hours of professional development on youth suicide prevention within their license cycle in accordance with 53A-6-104.
(b) The State Board of Education shall develop or adopt sample materials to be used by a school district or charter school for professional development training on youth suicide prevention.
(c) The training required by this Subsection (10) shall be incorporated into professional development training required by rule in accordance with Section 53A-6-104."

This online training is intended as an introductory to other training that your district will want to provide on the protocol and practices within their own district on suicide prevention and protocol, as this training only fulfills one of the two hours required by this bill. Please check with your local district for follow-up activities and professional development to fulfill and complete the remaining one hour of training on suicide prevention.

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