Tech Summit has become an essential part of how you receive valuable information and training.   In addition to the knowledge and skills you acquire at Tech Summit we hope that you also make personal connections and build relationships that will help you through out your career. 

Participating in the Tech Summit “Games and Challenges” is a great way to begin a new or develop an existing relationship with your peers.

At this year’s Tech Summit we have two ways for you to participate.

(At the conference)
The Networking Village
Sit down with a few of UEN’s Network Engineers to discuss current topology challenges or Network Troubleshooting techniques. Get one on one personal help and training from the guys who designed and built the UEN WAN infrastructure. Using GNC they can build different network topologies, virtually, to help you understand the best ways to design and troubleshoot your network.


(Before the conference)
The Raspberry Pi Challenge
At the 2013 SaintCon most attendee’s received a Raspberry Pi microcomputer.  This is a ARM computing platform capable of running many different OS’.  Our challenge to you is to build a team from your organization or other peers attending Tech Summit and us a Raspberry Pi or other micro-computing platform to create something cool.  The sky is the limit with this challenge and the teamwork will be a must.  Bring your project to the summit and show it off.  If yours is the best you’ll be leaving the Summit with fame and Prizes.  All entries will need to be submitted at registration.  Please be ready with a description of your project, and a list of your team members and what they contributed.

Go here for ideas.

For more information about these challenges please contact us.