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Jennie LaFortune: Returning to Teaching

Jennie LaFortune, a Language Arts teacher at Murray High School, recently returned to the classroom after year away on sabbatical.  While she enjoyed her experiences on the curriculum side of education, Jennie realized how much she missed her job as a teacher.

Jennie came to education after starting outside of the classroom. She knew that she liked the idea of teaching and, after graduating from college, decided to jump into the world of being a Jr. High Language Arts teacher. After teaching for a decade, Jennie decided she might like to explore other options in education.

There were so many things I loved about teaching and it was a good fit. Still, around my ten-year mark I started thinking about what other opportunities may be out there for me. I wondered what it might be like to work in a different aspect of education.

Jennie used her sabbatical year to work in curriculum and spent her time engaged with a variety of state agencies like USBE and UEN. In the end, Jennie missed the classroom and decided to return to Murray School District.

I missed the rhythm of teaching a lot more than I thought. I missed the autonomy and creativity of creating your day and creating the day for your students. I really like changing things up with curriculum and I missed the kids.

After exploring different aspects of the education world, Jennie shares the truth that all teachers know - the kids make the difference.

It may sound like a cliché’ but when you have those students who never enjoyed school or the content and they “get it” – it makes a world of difference.


Listen to entire interview with Jennie below.

Contributed by Jami Gardner

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