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Apr 20
Angel and the Badman
John Wayne plays a notorious outlaw who just might drop his gun for the right woman, who lives the ways of peace. Shot in part in Utah's Monument Valley, the film is John Wayne's first production credit.
Apr 27
Abilene Town
A sharp line called Main Street separates churchgoing merchants from saloon-going rowdies in this classic Western. The delicate balance turns volatile when cattlemen flood land homesteaders have claimed.
May 4
Things to Come
In this “history” covering 1936 to 2036, engineers and mechanics save humankind. Engineer extraordinaire Torch Elliott offers insights on technology, communication, ethics and engineering in Science to go with the Show.
May 11
Devil Girl from Mars
Mars needs men - and an alien in a minidress plans to collect them from a wee Scottish inn. Clark Planetarium’s Robert Bigelow discusses this film’s unintentional humor and the math of large numbers in this exclusive interview.

Water & The West

In the West, access to water makes or breaks communities. In this month’s Science to Go with the Show interview, Mark Brunson, Professor of Environment and Society at Utah State University, discusses conflict over natural resources and what the iUTAH project has been doing to help in planning for our water future on the Wasatch Front.