UEN SciFi Friday: Science to Go with the ShowFridays at 9pm on UEN-TV

May 7
Red Planet Mars
When Martian messages depict a utopian society, earthlings go bonkers. Is it a subversive political plot to throw the world into chaos or is an advanced civilization really sending tips? See Science to go with the Show to learn how communications from Mars are really received.
May 14
The Terror
A French soldier played by Jack Nicholson gets snared by a supernatural network led by Boris Karloff. A member of Utah’s Ghost investigator Society discusses ghosts and the film in Science to go with the Show.
May 21
The Incredible Shrinking Man
After an encounter with a mysterious fog, a man finds his world growing larger—in a bad way. Science to go with the Show explores the effects of environmental toxins on humans with links to Environmental Studies programs in Utah.
May 28
Night Tide
A young Dennis Hopper falls victim to the spell of a beautiful woman who is the keeper of a dark secret in this moody and ambiguous film. In Science to go with the Show, The Living Planet Aquarium’s Brandon Eyre share insights into the legends of mermaids.


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