UEN SciFi Friday: Science to Go with the Show

Fridays at 9pm on UEN-TV
July 3
The Brain that Wouldn't Die
A brilliant but unethical doctor keeps the head of his decapitated fiancée alive and faces deadly consequences in this week’s film. UEN talks with a scientist about bioengineering and the brain in Science to go with the Show.
July 10
Red Planet Mars
When Martian messages depict a utopian society, earthlings go bonkers. Is it a subversive political plot to throw the world into chaos or is an advanced civilization really sending tips? See Science to go with the Show to learn how communications from Mars are really received.
July 17
The Phantom Ship
Based on a true-life mystery, this film tells the story of an ocean voyage with a longhaired Bela Lugosi. Chris Haller of Utah State Parks Boating Program shares tips on staying safe on the low seas in this interview with UEN.
July 24
The Killer Shrews
A musician’s roadtrip to marriage takes a disastrous turn in this 1945 film noir. Science to go with the Show presents pianos, brain science and robotics.


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