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Cause for Alarm!

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Loretta Young stars as Ellen, whose suspicious and ill-tempered husband gives her “Cause For Alarm!” (1951). Confined to bed by a heart problem, husband George imagines his wife and his doctor are having an affair. Worse: they’re poisoning him. After posting a letter detailing this alleged murder plot, George pulls a gun on Ellen, intending to shoot. Before he can, however, his heart gives out and he instantly dies. Rather than simply call the authorities, Ellen launches on a panicked quest to retrieve his letter.

Similar to the UEN SciFi Friday feature “Quicksand”, “Cause For Alarm!” shows how fear can cast one down the slippery slope toward the exact outcome they most hope to avoid. Fortunately for Ellen (and viewers who like a happy ending), “Cause” gives this pessimistic film noir theme a twist.

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False Confessions

The American Psychological Association explores false confessions in this podcast.

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