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Abilene Town
You are fighting for this town—you're fighting for the right to live!

Anatomy of a Psycho
When a convicted killer is sent to the gas chamber, he leaves behind a brother bent on revenge...

And Then There Were None
Ten people with guilty secrets are beckoned to an island retreat where a killer can pick them off one by one...

The Ape Man
Bela Lugosi plays a crazed scientist who uses an ape to commit murderous deeds...

April Fool's
A terrifying (and dimply) monster takes over a school of girls…

Atom Age Vampire
An ambitious scientist wants a little love with his limitless power. What could be wrong with that?

The Amazing Mr. X
Just as a young widow is ready to move on, a strange series of events lead her to The Spiritualist…

The Angel and the Bad Man
John Wayne plays a notorious outlaw who just might drop his gun for the right woman…

Angel on My Shoulder
Old Nick has a devil of a time when he tries to replace an upright judge with his dead gangster look-alike…

The Atomic Blonde
Charley Johnson's paranoia of the Hydrogen bomb being dropped in Los Angeles drives him to make his home in a cave…

The Atomic Brain
Ah, to be young again…just get a brain transplant!

Attack of the Giant Leeches
Mutant leeches prey on the unwary in a Florida swamp...

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The Bat
A lonely country house becomes the location for a sequence of mysterious events and dangerous activities that make people think a murderer is on the loose....

Beach Girls and the Monster
Who-or what-is killing off the Santa Monica party kids in this beach-a-go-go?

Beast From Haunted Cave
The one thing the gold robbers didn't plan on was the Beast...

The Beast of Yucca Flats
When radiation changes a scientist into a Beast, only the bunnies are safe...

Beneath the 12 Mile Reef
It's Romeo and Juliet all over again, but this time with boats, sponges and a happy ending…

The Big Trees
Kirk Douglas rethinks his stance on sequoias when a land use conflict turns deadly…

Black Dragons
A plastic surgeon shows a group of spies why he was the wrong man to double-cross...

The Black Raven
It was a dark and stormy night, and a criminal mastermind's hotel has become the refuge of a mobster, an escaped convict, an embezzling milquetoast, a couple bound and determined to elope, a corrupt politician-and a bag of $50,000 cash...

When Johnny, Betty and their chums land on a remote isle, it's "The Most Dangerous Game"—teen style!

Local authorities work frantically to catch a mysterious artist on a killing spree...

Bowery at Midnight
A philanthropist leads a double life as a crime lord, running his operation from the basement of a soup kitchen that serves the poor...

The Boys From Brooklyn
Find out why "Spinal Tap" stars and leading film critics name this one of their favorite films of all time...

Brain From Planet Arous
When a giant, disembodied brain possesses the body of a nuclear scientist, heads start to roll…

The Brain That Wouldn't Die
A brilliant but mad doctor keeps the head of his decapitated fiancee alive and faces deadly consequences...

The Brainiac
A Count from the Spanish Holy Inquisition seeks revenge by sucking the brains from living human people...

Bride of the Gorilla
A hairy curse haunts a guilty man…

Bride of the Monster
Mad scientist plus atomic energy plus a nosy reporter…this Ed Wood flick isn't going to end well, is it?

Bucket of Blood
A wanna-be artist finds himself welcomed into the beat society after using deadly means to create sculptures...

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Captain Kidd
A pirate tricks a king to get closer to a treasure—will his treachery succeed?

Carnival of Souls
After miraculously surviving a car crash, a young organist moves to Salt Lake City, Utah where she is relentlessly stalked by an eerie ghost...

Hepburn, Carey and a criminal with a hook for a hand? What could be better than this…?

A Christmas Wish
A down-and-out animal trainer releases Rupert the Great into the wild of a city park…

Circus of Fear
When the hunt for a killer leads to a circus, it seems everyone is a suspect...

The Corpse Vanishes
When Bela Lugosi's the villain, don't say words like these: "You should forget all that silly nonsense about those brides dropping dead..."

Cosmic Man
A mysterious sphere and a shadowy menace come to an American town…

The Crawling Hand
An alien life force takes over the body of a young medical student and works to kill anyone in its path...

Curse of the Aztec Mummy
The evil Dr. Krupp must face a deadly mummy when he attempts to rob the grave of ancient Aztec princess...

Curse of the Faceless Man
When the mummy of an ancient gladiator is excavated from Pompeian earth, strange things start to happen...

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Dark Eyes of London
When the bodies of men with life insurance through the same company start turning up, it's up to detective Larry Holt to penetrate the London Fog around their mysterious deaths...

The Day of the Triffids
The people of London are attempt to fight off killer plants after a mysterious meteor shower...

The Day the Sky Exploded
A rocket booster mishaps sends a cluster of asteroids hurtling straight toward Earth…!

Dead Men Walk
When your twin brother is way into the dark arts, do you really want him dead?

Death Kiss
When an actor is mysteriously shot while filming, it takes a clever man to find the killer...

Dementia 13
A family doctor works to figure out which member of a demented family is committing a series of gruesome axe murders...

Destination Moon
When it comes to space travel, getting there is less than half the problem—it's getting home again that really matters...

The Devil Bat
An angry doctor seeks vengeance on his employers through the help of bats...

Devil Girl From Mars
Mars needs dudes—and an alien in a minidress plans to collect them from a wee Scottish inn…

Dick Tracy, Detective
The famous detective tracks down the murderous slasher, Splitface…

Dick Tracy and the Spider Gang
Tune in as good faces off with evil and a hero's chiseled jawline cuts to the chase in the classic serial from 1939...

Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome
Dr. A. Tomic has developed a formula for a gas that can freeze people in time—handy if you're a bank robber like Gruesome and vexing if you're a square-jawed detective...

Dick Tracy vs. Cueball
This time, Dick and Tess take on a homicidal bald guy with stolen diamonds…

Dick Tracy's Dilemma
The iconic detective faces off with The Claw in this Ralph Byrd classic…

A man attempts to solve his own murder in this classic film noir...

Doctor of Doom
A doctor performs creep-tastic brain swaps on female human subjects—will wrestling sensations Gloria Venus and The Golden Rubi be able to stop him?

Dr. Blood's Coffin
In a quiet Cornish village, Dr. Peter Blood discovers a way to revive the dead…

Dungeon of Harrow
Do you hear them - that's the dogs - they've picked up our scents…

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A local author discovers a giant caveman that begins to terrorize the town in search of the author's daughter...

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The Ghoul
As a dying Egyptologist, Boris Karloff places his trust for immortality in the god Anubis and a bauble known as "The Eternal Light"…

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Horror Express
What horror stalks travelers aboard the Trans-Siberian Express?

Horror Hotel
The thrills, the chills of witchcraft today…

House on Haunted Hill
There's nothing like an all-night party that keeps the guests screaming...

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The Inspector General
Corrupt officials mistake a peddler’s assistant for an inspector and hilarity ensues…

Invasion of the Animal People
A UFO crashes into a snowy Scandinavian landscape and releases a fearsome, furry alien with a penchant for reindeer and champion figure skaters…

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Little Shop of Horrors
Before the musical, there was Roger Corman's Junior, saying, "Feeed meee..!"

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What happens to society when the mind and the hands are no longer ruled by the heart?

Mill of the Stone Women
A famous sculptor has a daughter, a windmill, a macabre carousel….and a terrible secret.

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Before sparkles, before capes, there was the baddest, creepiest vampire of all...

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One Million B.C.
Tumak, slayer of dinosaurs and member of the Rock Tribe, meets his match in Loana from the peaceful Shell Tribe…

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Phantom from Space
A group of scientists is puzzled when an unseen invader terrorizes a local community...

Phantom of the Opera
A young singer is courted by a mysterious figure who may prove very dangerous indeed…

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A holiday fable features a very cranky man and a string of surprise visitors…

The Spiritualist (aka The Amazing Mr. X)
Just as a young widow is ready to move on, a strange series of events lead her to The Spiritualist… Back to Top



The 39 Steps
Alfred Hitchcock sends another hapless gent on the run in this espionage thriller. The question is, what-or who-are the 39 Steps?

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