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The Atomic Brain

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Initially titled "Monstrosity", the 1964 film "The Atomic Brain" features a rich, elderly woman who hopes to solve the age-old problem: how to combine the wisdom of age with the vitality of youth. She puts a mad scientist on the payroll and hires a few comely young ladies without the encumbrance of family or anyone else who will come looking for them. They think they're there as domestic staff but soon enough they learn the old crow intends to swap brains with one of them. Can I get an eeww?

The film's director, Joseph V. Mascelli, started his career shooting training films and newsreels for the U.S. Army during World War II. He went on to write an influential book, "The 5 Cs of Cinematography: Motion Picture Filming Techniques". Originally published in 1965, the text explains Camera angles, Continuity, Cutting, Close-ups and Composition. It was reprinted in paperback in 1998 and is also available as an e-book.

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Dr. Kalani Raphael

Kalani RaphaelDr. Kalani Raphael, transplant nephrologist at the University of Utah College of Medicine and the Veterans Administration hospital, discusses how "The Atomic Brain" portrayal of a mind transfer differs from actual organ transplant procedures.


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