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In the 1959 classic, "The Bat", mystery writer Cornelia Van Gorder moves into The Oaks, a grand old house in the country—where no one but one brave servant is willing to work for fear of otherworldly terrors. Soon, Cornelia finds herself in the center of an enigma: is there really a supernatural bat terrorizing her small town, or might a string of attacks have something to do with a bank robbery?

Starring the inimitable Agnes Moorehead as Cornelia and Vincent Price as the doctor she calls on for aid, the film is based on previous titles of the same theme, including a 1920 Broadway production, a 1926 silent film and the 1930 movie "The Bat Whispers". Director Crane Wilbur was involved with more than 60 films, with his involvement in the controversial "Tomorrow’s Children" (1934) serving as his first foray into "talkies."

The Science

Julia Bart

Julia BartZookeeper and bat trainer Julia Bart of Utah's Hogle Zoo discusses bat behavior and the film "The Devil Bat.”

Heidi Harris

Heidi HarrisHeidi Harris, Director of Utah Bat Rescue and Rehabilitation, discusses the titular species of the film “Vampire bat.”


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