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Beyond Tomorrow

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A warm-hearted fantasy, "Beyond Tomorrow" (1940) begins on Christmas Eve, when George, Allen, and Michael—older gents with plenty of money—try a playful experiment: they toss three wallets with money and their business cards into the street to see who returns them. They catch themselves a pair of dinner guests: a singing Texan named James and a pretty lady named Jean.

James and Jean fall in love, but when James’ music career takes off, an Other Woman interferes. In the meantime, the engineers have died in a plane crash, returning to earth to watch over the lovers. Redemption is an important theme in the film, with Michael having to atone for a dark past and (spoiler alert) James getting a second chance to do the right thing, thanks to his ghostly guardian, Michael.

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Game Theory

Lynn BohsLearn about game theory—the study of strategic thinking.

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