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The Brain That Wouldn't Die

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In “The Brain that Wouldn’t Die” (1962), Dr. Bill Cortner pioneers a method for reviving dead people and severed body parts. His father, also a doctor, warns about crossing from genius into fanaticism. Fortunately for us, Bill doesn’t listen. When a car wreck decapitates his fiancée, he preserves her living head. Now he just needs to find a suitable body…

Also called “The Head that Wouldn’t Die”, this film is a marvel of B-Horror, earning cult cheers and critic jeers. Virginia Leith, the actress whose performance is shoulders up for most of the film, started her career with a part in Stanley Kubrick’s “Fear and Desire” (1953).

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Greg Clark

Greg ClarkProfessor Greg Clark of the University of Utah’s Department of Bioengineering discusses the human brain and the film “The Brain That Wouldn't Die.”


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Greg Clark

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