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The Man Who Changed His Mind

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When aging genius Dr. Laurience (Boris Karloff) in "The Man Who Changed His Mind" (1936) attempts to capture the soul of a living brain, his reputation as an eminent scientist is shattered. He gets a second chance with the assistance of Dr. Clare Wyatt (Anna Lee) and the backing of Lord Haslewood (Frank Cellier), a private investor with deep pockets. But soon his nutty ways send Dr. Wyatt running as Haslewood pulls his funding. By exchanging Haslewood's soul with that of another, Laurience thinks he's found a way to secure his funding and win Dr. Wyatt—after he swaps bodies with her young, healthy fiancé.

A true sci-fi classic, "The Man Who Changed His Mind" (1936) was also released under the titles "The Brainsnatcher" and "The Man Who Lived Again." Director Robert Stevenson went on to direct numerous Disney titles including "Mary Poppins" (1964), "That Darn Cat!" (1965), "Blackbeard's Ghost" (1968) and "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" (1971). He was married to actress Anna Lee at the time "The Man Who Changed His Mind" was filmed.

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Eve Miller

Eve MillerUniversity of Utah graduate student Eve Miller talks about the 1936 Boris Karloff movie "The Man Who Changed His Mind," and previews her doctoral research on the psychology of memory and cognition in natural vs. urban environments.


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