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Monster Demolisher

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A descendent of a famous occultist is determined to wreak revenge on all who belittle his fine family name: Nostradamus. He's also committed to launching a PR campaign to convince people that he's A-OK. Armed with vampirism, a hunchback, and an enthusiasm for murder, Nostradamus the Younger attempts to blackmail Professor Dolan into helping him. The elderly scientist teams up instead with the titular Monster Demolisher—a vampire hunter named Igor who's nearly as mysterious (and some may say as creepy) as the vampire himself.

At the center of the plot is Professor Dolan's scientific society, which is dedicated to eradicating superstition in the community. The members scoff at Dolan's claims that he's being harassed by an undead villain, but as more unexplained deaths pile up and a credible witness or two appears, they just might have to change their opinions based on the evidence.

"Monster Demolisher" (1960/62) was originally released in Mexico as "La Sangre de Nostradamus". It is the second in a four-part series that includes "The Curse of Nostradamus", "The Blood of Nostradamus", and "Genie of Darkness". Directed by Federico Curiel and Stim Segar, this film was brought to the English-speaking world by K. Gordon Murray, who specialized in redubbing foreign films into English.

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Greg Jones

Greg JonesDr. Greg Jones, Associate Director of the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute at the University of Utah, talks about the peer review process as it is portrayed in the movie Monster Demolisher.

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