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Destroy All Monsters

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This 1968 kaiju-a-thon has it all. Space aliens in silver lamé, a kicking soundtrack and deliciously archaic animation of an “Avengers” sized cast including Godzilla, Mothra, Gorosaurus, Manda and more.

Here’s the premise: It’s 1999 and Earth has achieved world peace. All the giant monsters of previous stories have been gathered to live out their days on a single island. The Kilaaks, a civilization from outer space, hatch a plot to take over the planet by unleashing the kaiju on Earth’s major cities. After some serious stomping, the monsters turn against the invaders and the Kilaaks unleash King Ghidorah, the monster to destroy all monsters. When even that fails, they throw in their really-we-meant-it monster to destroy all monsters—the Fire Dragon. Who will prevail?

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Backyard Bioblitz

How many species live in your neighborhood? Join forces with family or friends and conduct a bioblitz to find out.

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