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The 1962 film, "Eegah", was directed by Arch Hall Sr, who is rumored to have obtained his on-screen moniker after staring at a hallway with an arch. A graduate from the University of South Dakota, Hall became a radio writer-actor, and later became a pilot for the Army Air Force for a brief period of time. Hall entered the film industry in 1938 as a producer, writer, and/or director of low-budget classic films. Hall cast his son Arch Hall Jr in many of his films. The younger Hall also co-wrote some of the films with his father. Working with a $15,000 budget for the film, "Eegah", Hall Sr. cast his son as the overly cheesy character, Tom.

Born in December of 1943, Arch Hall Jr. was a teenager when he starred in his first film, "The Choppers". He made a handful of low-budget films with his father. While starring in his father's films, Hall Jr. took the opportunity to sing and play his guitar, something that he does in nearly every film he is in. Hall Jr. called an end to his film career in the mid 60s. After ending his acting career, Hall Jr. switched his focus to music until the late 60s when he became a pilot. The ex-actor currently lives in Florida, where he continues to play his guitar and has picked up the hobby of writing. In 2001, Hall Jr. published his first book, "The Aspara Jet" under the name Nicolas Merriweather, a pseudonym his father once used.

Richard Kiel plays the role of the giant, Eegah. At 7'2", Kiel was often cast into the roles of giants and monsters. Kiel worked in a variety of capacities before breaking into the entertainment business in the late 50s. He played several minor roles on television including Kanamit in the 1959 Twilight Zone episode, "To Serve Man". Kiel also appeared twice in the 1974 classic horror TV series, "Kolchak: The Night Stalker". Kiel's biggest break was in 1977 when he was cast as the unstoppable steel-toothed henchman, "Jaws", in the Roger Moore film of the Bond series, "The Spy Who Loved Me". Because Kiel's character was so widely received, Jaws was brought back to the next Bond movie, "Moonraker", filmed in 1979. The massive actor later worked behind the camera, going on to co-write and produce the 1991 family film, "The Giant of Thunder Mountain", in which he played the lead role. The demand for Kiel's attributes dropped sharply in the 90s, leading to only a handful of roles. However, his famous character Jaws, was brought back to the big screen in 1999 for the Matthew Broderick film, "Inspector Gadget". In 2002, Kiel published an autobiography entitled, "Making it BIG in the Movies".

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Kristen Hawkes

Kristen HawkesAnthropologist Kristen Hawkes of the University of Utah discusses human evolution, cavemen and the film “Eegah!”


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