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Life with Father

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Starring Irene Dunner, William Powell and Elizabeth Taylor, “Life with Father" (1947) brings the antics of a busy, old-fashioned family to UEN SciFi Friday. Set in the 1880s, the story is propelled by the personalities of the Day family. Matriarch Vinnie manages brusque stockbroker Clarence and their houseful of children while visitors and young love stir up hilarious conflict over religion, money and pretty much everything else.

The film's dynamic, good-humored depiction of family life has evoked countless belly laughs from generations of viewers—an experience that some believe can boost one's health. As an intervention, laughter may reduce pain and stress, stimulate organs and improve the immune system. Though not everyone is persuaded by the available science, as one researcher writes, “It might be time to start giving more credence to positive views about laughter" (Strean, 2009).