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In “Frozen Alive” (1964) cryogenics researcher Helen gets the cold shoulder from her lab partner Frank’s wife Joan—shortly before Joan gets iced. Meanwhile, Frank volunteers to be the first human subject to prove suspended animation works. With Joan’s ex Tony hanging around and the research administrator threatening to break up the team just as they’re about to have a breakthrough, you might say this film’s main speculation is on how relationships affect the course of science.

The production includes an international cast, with actors from the UK, Germany and the US. Fans of spaghetti westerns will recognize Marianne Koch (Dr. Helen Weisman) from Sergio Leone’s “A Fistful of Dollars” (1964) with Clint Eastwood.

While cryonics—the process of freezing then reviving animals (including humans) as depicted in the film remains the province of science fiction, manipulation of deep cold has a wide range of other applications. Engineering, biology, surgery and electronics are all areas where cryogenic technologies are being applied, whether to strengthen metals, preserve cell lines

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Lynn BohsLearn about careers in cryogenics.

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Modern physics includes theoretical and experimental research that uses cryogenics.

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