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The Most Dangerous Game

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The 1932 film "The Most Dangerous Game" was based on Richard Connell's 1924 story by the same name. Both versions feature a coolly insane Russian villain, Count Zaroff, and his menacing sidekick Ivan. The pair inhabit an island so remote the Count can indulge his taste for hunting shipwrecked sailors. In the film as in the original, the protagonist is a famous big-game hunter who becomes trapped on Zaroff's island. When he refuses to join Zaroff as a fellow hunter of men, he is forced into the ironic situation of becoming his host's prey.

One difference between the film and the story is the film's addition of the character Eve Trowbridge. The glamorous society lady in a satin gown is played by Fay Wray (wearing her natural, dark hair color). Wray is best known for her portrayal of Ann Darrow, the shrieking blonde love interest of the great ape in "King Kong" (1933).

If the interior shots of Zaroff's castle seem as familiar as the leading lady, that's thanks to "King Kong" too. "The Most Dangerous Game" was permitted to use a set from the big-budget film at night, when folks from the more important production were snoozing.

Moonlighting actors and repurposed sets? They're part of a long-standing Tinseltown tradition that has made many a B-film possible.