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The Giant Gila Monster

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"The Giant Gila Monster" (1959) pits mechanic Chase Winstead and his small western town against a rampaging 70-foot-long creature. At first, they think he’s looking for a pair of teens who may have eloped. When they discover a wrecked car stained with blood, they begin to suspect they have something even more dangerous than youthful hormones on their hands.

The film is replete with the symbols of classic teenhood from bopping at the local soda shop to drag racing to a character named “Old Man Harris”, making it an amusing study of the era that launched the idea of The American Teenager. Oh, and the monster of the film? It’s hilarious.

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Shane Provstgaard

Shane ProvstgaardZookeeper Shane Provstgaard of Utah Hogle Zoo discusses reptiles and the film “The Giant Gila Monster.”


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