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A salvage crew finds more than relics off the coast of Ireland in “Gorgo” (1961). Human greed complicates their encounter with the giant sea creature that damages their ship when they take refuge on an island run by a purported archeologist who hoards Viking treasure pulled up from the depths. Captain Ryan thinks he’s got the answer when he leads an effort to trap the monster then sells it to a circus, little suspecting there’s a bigger, badder mama on the way to reclaim her babykins. (Spoiler alert: all the mama bears out there will LOVE the ending.)

This production brought together international partners from Ireland, the U.K. and the U.S. inspired by the Godzilla films. Special effects included an actor in a monster costume, a technique known as “suitmation.” Filming the monster sequences in slow-motion against a set built to scale were considered successful tactics for the time.

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Maternal Instinct

Learn about maternal instinct in the animal kingdom.

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