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Monster From Green Hell

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Fans of classic sci-fi rejoice! "Monster From Green Hell" (1956 / 57 / 58) has it all—giant insects, perplexed scientists, a safari, a dramatic soundtrack and more. Created in a space experiment gone awry, mutant wasps attack an African region known as "Green Hell". Theorizing that the disturbing reports are linked to a missing rocket, Dr. Quent Brady leads an expedition to find the freaky beasts. Find them, he does. Now, if only grenades didn't merely irritate them…

Directed by Kenneth G. Crane, the thundering talent responsible for another fine UEN SciFi Friday feature, "The Manster" (1959), "Monster From Green Hell" was what we might call a late bloomer. Copyrighted in 1956, its release dates are given variably as 1957 or 1958, and it's rumored the film sat on a shelf for a good long while before anyone was willing to actually run it through their projectors. Lucky for you, we here at UEN SciFi Friday live by the principle that yesterday's bad movie can be—and often is—today's treasure trove of hilarity.

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Jon Seger

Jon SegerDr. Jon Seger, Professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Utah, talks about the accurate and false portrayal of science and scientists in The Monster from Green Hell.

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