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With classic animation a la early Disney and Warner Brothers, the 1939 version of "Gulliver’s Travels" is a lighthearted (and off-book) adaptation of one of the world’s most famous works of speculative fiction. In it, a wedding between Lilliputian Princess Glory and Blefuscuian Prince David is broken off when their fathers argue. When the "giant" Lemuel Gulliver appears, the strife only gets worse.

As with most adaptations of satirist Jonathan Swift's novel, very little of the original storyline appears in the 1939 film. First published in 1726, Swift's critique of human nature was fashioned after 18th century travelogues—a genre that expressed the cultural influence of Isaac Newton's Royal Society and their approach to science. The work's Laputa section depicts abstract science as an excuse for powerful factions to ignore human need with expensive study of trivialities, a view likely informed by the politically charged relations between Britain and Swift's native Ireland

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