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The Indestructable Man

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After his execution and revivification by an improbable procedure, “The Butcher” returns to take care of the lawyer and cronies who betrayed him. Fortunately for him, he comes back from the dead super strong and virtually bulletproof, though unable to speak. Along the way, detective Dick Chasen keeps digging for the truth about the “Indestructible Man,” leading him into close contact with the reanimated criminal’s ex-girlfriend, Eva.

Released in 1956, this film is speculative horror at its best, starting with the delightful exchange between the medical researcher who gets more than he bargained for and the assistant who tries to tell him their specimen is alive. It only gets better from there, thanks to Lon Chaney Jr.’s murderous intensity and the Dragnet-style voiceover by Max Showalter as the hardboiled detective who unravels the case.

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Kalynn Filion

Kalynn FilionKalynn Filion, Health Program Specialist for the Utah Department of Health's Cancer Program, discusses cancer and the film “The Indestructible Man.”


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