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Fridays at 9pm on UEN-TV
May 18
The Man Who Could Work Miracles
What happens when an ordinary bloke gets unlimited power? This lighthearted film speculates on a serious issue. Philosopher Mariam Thalos discusses power and corruption here.
May 25
Horror Hotel
Even when research doesn’t lead to facing off with a coven of undead witches, it’s pretty darn cool. Global health researcher Quique Bassat explains why in this TEXx Talk.
June 1
Missile to the Moon
When government support for his project is yanked, Dirk Green gets mad—then he heads for the moon with the aid of convicts and stowaways. The film, released a year before Russia’s Luna 2 mission, presents a fanciful version of just what Dirk and his erstwhile crew find on that giant ball of cheese in the sky. Think Globally, Learn Locally scholar Lacey Holland blinds us with science in her discussion of atmospheric research and this film available here.
June 8
The Most Dangerous Game
In this week’s feature, a coolly insane count hunts shipwrecked sailors on his private island. Is it game on or game over when his latest catch falls into his snare? After the show, hop online to learn how students are hunting data on Boreal Toads in a UEN-produced segment of SciTech Now.

Frontiers of Science

The public is invited to hear from eminent scientists from around the world on a range of topics through the University of Utah’s Frontiers of Science lecture series. Can’t make it to one of the evening events in Salt Lake? No worries—all lectures are recorded and available on You Tube.