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Jan 19
The Road to Bali
When Bob Hope and Bing Crosby go to Bali, you know it’s going to get ridiculous up in there—and when a gorilla gets a crush on Bob, you know it’s time to get science to go with the show: find facts about how real gorillas behave at Utah’s Hogle Zoo.
Jan 26
His Girl Friday
A hotshot reporter thinks she wants to settle down until her ex-husband editor sets her onto a juicy story in this classic comedy starring Rosalind Russell and Carey Grant. Learn more about gender roles and communication in STEM fields from Dr. April Kedrowicz.
Feb 2
House on Haunted Hill
The guests in this film will never forget this all-night party—if they survive! Psychology professor Don Strassberg discusses hysteria, STEM careers and more with UEN SciFi Friday.
Feb 9
The Spiritualist, AKA The Amazing Mr. X
Just as a young widow is ready to move on, a strange series of events lead her to the Amazing Mr. X, a Spiritualist who claims to communicate messages from beyond the grave. The American Institute of Physics supplies this week’s science to go with the show.

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