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Invasion of the Vampires

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Released to theatres in 1963, the Mexican film "La Invasion de los Vampiros" was directed by Miguel Morayta. He began his career as a military officer, serving the Republican Forces during the Spanish Civil War. At the end of the conflict, Morayta immigrated to Mexico. Upon his arrival in Mexico, Morayta found employment with the CISA Production Company and in 1943 he directed his first feature film. Morayta directed 73 films throughout his career that ended in 1977. In addition to directing, he wrote screenplays and scripts, and held numerous management positions in a variety of capacities. Though he worked in a variety of productions, Morayta seemed to have a predilection for Spanish themes and performers. However, he did make a number of significant movies with Mexican settings and plots. In addition, he shot a series of co-productions in Argentina.

Though Miguel Morayta features a number of characters in "Invasion of the Vampires", there are only a few who might be recognizable today. Tito Junco is listed as a character in the film however it is unclear as to what character he plays. The actor began his career in 1942 and became well known in Latin America and Spain. He turned to directing in the mid-60s. His most celebrated film appearance was in "El Sombra el Claudio", which won him several film festival awards.

David Reynoso plays the role of the Constable. A native of the northwestern Mexican state of Aguascalientes, Reynoso was a well-known and loved singer of Ranchero music. In addition, he was a popular actor on stage, and in television and film, appearing in over 200 Mexican movies. His most famous films were "Mayor" and "Viento Negro".

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Karen Nielsen

Karen NielsenPathology professor Karen Nielsen of the University of Utah discusses blood and the film “Invasion of the Vampires.”


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