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Kennel Murder Case

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"The Kennel Murder Case" (1933) features actor William Powell reprising his role as Philo Vance, an urbane and brainy man-about-town who also so happens to solve crimes. When Vance's acquaintance Arthur Coe is found shot through the head inside a locked room, the police are convinced it's a simple case of suicide. But Vance has a hunch all is not what it seems. Coe was eagerly anticipating victory in a dog show the next day and he made enemies everywhere he went. Maybe, Vance reasons, there's a murderer ingenious enough to plan this nearly perfect crime.

Suspects abound. There's Raymond Wrede, the secretary whom Coe thought an unsuitable suitor for his niece; Liang, the Chinese cook with a degree from Columbia, who regrets helping Coe acquire priceless artifacts from China; Hilda Lake, the niece who suspects her uncle of murdering her sweetheart's dog; the sweetheart, whose terrier posed the greatest threat to Coe's in the dog show; Eduardo Grassi, emissary from a South American country that wants to purchase Coe's collection of smuggled artifacts; and Doris Delafield, the mistress and next-door neighbor whose dalliance with Grassi infuriated Coe. Oh, and there's Eddie, the butler with a mysterious (and criminal) past.

The character Philo Vance got his start in the crime novels by Willard Huntington Wright under the pen name S.S. Van Dine and had a long, healthy career in radio and film, played by Basil Rathbone, Alan Curtis and Warren William as well as William Powell.

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Kerry Rood

Lori HunsakerProfessor Kerry Rood of Utah State University discusses veterinary science and the film "The Kennel Murder Case."


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