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Killers from Space

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When nuclear scientist Douglas Martin crashes his plane, he returns to the air base apparently unhurt but for a case of amnesia. Is he lucky? An imposter (as the G-man investigating his case theorizes)? Or has he been brainwashed by would-be alien overlords to help them take over the earth? (Hint: the title of this 1954 classic is “Killers from Space”.)

The hero in this tale may have to be the humble slide rule with which Martin thwarts the aliens’ plot. Engineers and scientists depended heavily on the slide rule for complex calculations until the handheld electronic calculator became available in the mid-70s.

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Denise Lynch

Denise LynchHypnotherapist Denise Lynch discusses hypnosis and the film “Killers From Space.”

Explore the possibilities of analog computing:

What Can You Do with a Slide Rule?


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