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Man Beast

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In "Man Beast" (1956), Connie Hayward's quest to find her missing brother leads her to more questions than answers. When members of her own team start disappearing, will her brother's guide Varga help her…or will trusting him prove fatal?

Filled with campy staples such as stock footage and awkward monster costumes, "Man Beast" was Jerry Warren's directorial debut. He went on to create "The Incredible Petrified World" (1957) and "Teenage Zombies" (1959), both of which have been featured on UEN SciFi Friday. In addition to directing about a dozen films from scratch, he's also famous for butchering—um, remastering—imports including numerous Mexican horror titles and the Swedish and American production he released as "Invasion of the Animal People" (1959). His versions are loved by fans of sci-fi cheese for the sometimes irrelevant extra footage he inserted and awkward, even nonsensical, English-language dubbing.

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Maura Hahnenberger and Carolyn Stwertka

Lynn BohsGraduate students Maura Hahnenberger and Carolyn Stwertka discuss Man Beast and how it relates to Atmospheric Sciences.


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