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The Spiritualist (a.k.a. The Amazing Mr. X)

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Psychological thriller "The Spiritualist" (1948) delivers classic atmospherics and a mysterious storyline. Christine Faber is just getting over the husband she lost two years ago when she begins hearing his voice call to her from the ocean waves by her house. Other strange events start happening, including what seems to be a chance encounter with psychic advisor Alexis, to whom Christine turns for answers. Concerned, Christine's little sister, Janet, teams up with Christine's fiancé, Martin, and a detective to delve into the motives of the mysterious Spiritualist. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Alexis is not on the up-and-up—but it also becomes clear that he's stumbled into a situation that's dangerously beyond his control.

Also released as "The Amazing Mr. X", the film had been noted for its artistic use of the film noir lighting techniques that turns black-and-white videography from a limitation into a high art. Though color motion pictures processes were available as early as 1902, cost put colored motion pictures out of reach for most film studios until the middle of the Twentieth century.

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American Institute of Physics

Alexis tricks Christine into thinking she’s seen her deceased husband. Learn more ways the eyes can be fooled from the American Institute of Physics

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