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The Painted Hills

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In “The Painted Hills” (1951), Lassie plays Shep, who takes to the hills on a goldrush adventure of murder and revenge. An old time prospector, Jonathan, finally strikes gold. This is good news for the family of his deceased partner—but before he can make good on a claim, a third partner, Lin Taylor, bumps him off. When Shep helps young Tommy unearth the truth, Taylor tries to bury him too. Clearly, this villain doesn’t understand the bond between a loyal dog and his human besties.

An invention of author Eric Knight, the character Lassie has been featured in dozens of films, television and radio shows, and even a video PlayStation 2 game. “The Painted Hills” stars the Pal (stage name Lassie) whose career spanned nearly 70 dog years. Pal’s numerous descendants have entered the family business, bringing Lassie well into the 21st century.