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Phantom From Space

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Who’s the mysterious, headless humanoid in the weird diving suit wandering around Santa Barbara? He’s the “Phantom from Space” (1953), causing mayhem, murder and fizzled telecommunications. As Lieutenant Hazen and his crew from the Federal Communications Commission seek the source of signal interruptions, the police track down a killer who has the power to make himself invisible just by stripping down to his birthday suit.

People who love low-budget absurdities can have loads of fun with “Phantom From Space.” Directed by W. Lee Wilder, the lesser known brother of another famous director, the film was produced on a shoestring budget—which makes the speechless, invisible space invader seem a brilliant way to save costs. Who needs a fancy costume or make-up job when you can simply shoot empty air and dub scary whoo-ee-whoo music?

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Graeme Milton

Graeme Milton Mathematician Graeme Milton of the University of Utah discusses the science of invisibility and the film “Phantom From Space.”

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Graeme Milton


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