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The Little Princess

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The 1939 version of “The Little Princess” stars the incomparable Shirley Temple at her dimpling, tap-dancing best as Sara Crewe. When Sarah’s wealthy father goes to war, he parks his little heiress at Miss Minchin’s School for Girls, where she is treated to extravagant luxury and privilege. At news of her father’s death—and inability to pay the school’s bill—Miss Minchin demotes Sara to the role of a drudge, waiting on the very girls who once envied her. Fortunately, Sara’s ability to appreciate life turns out not rest on luxuries. Her friendly, caring nature leads her to make friends with a family that leads to her reunion with her father and her fortune.

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Teresa Latta

Teresa LattaTeresa Latta, an APRN at Primary Children’s Hospital, discusses science and technology in an NICU, cuteness and the 1939 Shirley Temple film, “The Little Princess”.


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