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April Fool's 2014

In this special episode of UEN SciFi Friday, a kindly headmistress accepts the child of a war veteran into her proper English boarding school, little suspecting the petticoat-wearing Lempey is in truth an alien demon from Thirles. Armed with a voice that melts the human mind and a laser-shooting smile that blinds her victims, Lempey is determined to rule Earth, starting with Miss Minchin's School for Girls. Only Captain Crewe holds the key to stopping the alien menace, but a war injury has given him amnesia. How long can the brave headmistress hold out before Lempey destroys the school?

The Science

Teresa Latta

Teresa LattaTeresa Latta, an APRN at Primary Children’s Hospital, discusses science and technology in an NICU, cuteness and the 1939 Shirley Temple film, “The Little Princess”.


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