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Seymour Hicks plays the world-class humbug, Ebenezer, in the 1935 film "Scrooge". Based on Charles Dickens' beloved "Christmas Carol", it's a fable about a wealthy miser who comes to appreciate the virtues of love and generosity through a series of unusual holiday guests.

With dozens of screen adaptations of this classic tale, it's refreshing to watch Hicks' classic representation of a man who undergoes an extreme attitude makeover. Of course, there's a reason Hicks inhabits the irascible Scrooge so comfortably: by the time he appeared in the 1935 version, he'd portrayed the character countless times on stage as well as in a silent film version in 1913. Though most famous for his Scrooge, the actor had a long, rich career as an actor, screenwriter, director and producer. It's said he was even responsible for giving Alfred Hitchcock his first directing credit with "Always Tell Your Wife" (1923).

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Dr. Burt Uchino

Dr. Burt UchinoDr. Burt Uchino, professor of Psychology at the University of Utah discusses psychology and the 1935 Christmas classic Scrooge.

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Dr. Burt Uchino

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