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The Third Man

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An American seeks to identify the “The Third Man” (1949) seen absconding with the body of his friend, Harry Lime. Finding answers isn’t easy in postwar Vienna, where the black market reigns and members of the international police force cannot speak each other’s languages. Then there’s also Anna, Harry’s grief-stricken girlfriend with forged papers, whom Martens feels compelled to help. Trouble is, she’s loyal to Harry—no matter what. Along the way, Martens unravels a scheme involving bogus antibiotics that leads him to question everything he thought he knew about his good old friend, Harry Lime.

Hailed by critics as smart story delivered with outstanding cinematography, this classic film stars Joseph Cotton and Martens and Orson Welles as Lime in standout performances. Graham Greene penned the screenplay after testing the story concept in novella form.

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