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Biography of America, A

A Biography of America presents history not simply as a series of irrefutable facts to be memorized, but as a living narrative. Prominent historians -- Donald L. Miller, Pauline Maier, Louis P. Masur, Waldo E. Martin, Jr., Douglas Brinkley, and Virginia Scharff -- present America's story as something that is best understood from a variety of perspectives. Thought-provoking debates and lectures encourage critical analysis of the forces that have shaped America. First-person narratives, photos, film footage, and documents reveal the human side of American history -- how historical figures affected events, and the impact of these events on citizens' lives. To view all the episodes in this series for free, and on demand, go to http: //www.learner.org/resources/series123.html

Biography of America, A  
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  • Reconstruction
    Friday, June 1
    6:30 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    Professor Miller begins the program by evoking in word and picture the battlefield after the battle of Gettysburg. With the assassination of President Lincoln, one sad chapter of American history comes to a close. In the fatigue and cynicism of the Civil War's aftermath, Reconstructionism becomes a promise unfulfilled.
  • Civil War
    Friday, May 25
    6:30 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    As the Civil War rages, all eyes turn to Vicksburg, where limited war becomes total war. Professor Miller looks at the ferocity of the fighting, at Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, and at the bitter legacy of the battle -- and the war.
  • Coming of the Civil War
    Friday, May 18
    6:30 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    Simmering regional differences ignite an all-out crisis in the 1850s. Professor Martin teams with Professor Miller and historian Stephen Ambrose to chart the succession of incidents, from 'Bloody Kansas' to the shots on Fort Sumter, that inflame the conflict between North and South to the point of civil war.
  • Slavery
    Friday, May 11
    6:30 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    While the North develops an industrial economy and culture, the South develops a slave culture and economy, and the great rift between the regions becomes unbreachable. Professor Masur looks at the human side of the history of the mid-1800s by sketching a portrait of the lives of slave and master.
  • The Reform Impulse
    Friday, May 4
    6:30 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    The Industrial Revolution has its dark side, and the tumultuous eventsof the period touch off intense and often thrilling reform movements. Professor Masur presents the ideas and characters behind the Great Aw akening, the abolitionist movement, the women's movement, and a powerful wave of religious fervor.