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My Hometown

Enjoy and learn from the ups and downs of life with Tommy Thompson and his friends and family in a small Canadian town.

My Hometown  
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  • Follow Your Bliss
    Thursday, January 31
    3:01 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    Career choices in grade eight? Thomas figures it's a little early for such major decisions. He really objects to the apprenticeship 'taste test' that he and his fellow students must endure to discover their true callings. It becomes evident, however, that this is not about finding one's job -- it's about finding one's passion. After that, everything else will fall into place.
  • Rock Challenge
    Wednesday, January 30
    3:00 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    Thomas can't believe it the hottest rock group in the country will be playing only an hour away, in the big city. There's no way Thomas' parents will let him go to that concert -- so why not find a way to bring the group right into Maplewood!
  • He's My Brother
    Tuesday, January 29
    3:01 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    The Thompson family has all the legal papers together and is finally adopting Alex. He is now a real member of the family-- Thomas' brother! Everyone seems so happy! Thomas, however, is not so sure. Alex's marks and achievements are skyrocketing and Thomas feels just a little annoyed. Thomas sets on a path to prove his own worth and also to discredit Alex. Thomas discovers something quite different from what he was so determined to prove -- something so much more valuable.
  • Party's Over
    Monday, January 28
    3:00 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    The party of the year --and it's Thomas' initiation into the big time --the older high school crowd! He can't wait, but he's supposed to baby-sit his little sister, Tracy. Of course, Thomas comes up with a scheme-- but this time, he learns that he can't forget his responsibilities --there's a price to pay for putting himself first.
  • Under My Skin
    Friday, January 25
    3:00 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    Dennis comes home from college --with his new girlfriend. The family members do their best to adjust to this weird and wonderful girl! Thomas, however, decides to take action. In trying to manipulate the situation, Thomas comes close to losing that which is most dear to him the love and respect of his older brother.
  • Santa's Bond
    Thursday, January 24
    3:00 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    Thomas is just loving making fun of Tracy because she believes in Santa Claus. He takes great advantage of her belief too-- she will do just about anything Thomas asks in order to be in Santa's good books. How quickly perspectives can change! With potential tragedy close at hand, Thomas, Simon and their families deeply feel the need to believe in Santa's magic. Tracy's faith takes on a whole new meaning.
  • Mr. Potter Goes To School
    Wednesday, January 23
    3:00 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    Eddie and several other students just don't take Mr. Potter, their Math teacher seriously. After all, he talks to them with hesitation, he is incredibly forgetful and he can't even seem to manage his own finances his house is up for sale! He's just crazy! But when Mr. Potter recognizes that Eddie, Thomas and the others have cheated on their math test, he finds a way to teach them responsibility for their actions. Not only do they learn math they develop a new respect and affection for Mr. Potter's unique character.
  • Unforgettable / Remembrance Day / Veteran's Day
    Tuesday, January 22
    3:00 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    Miss Kaplan's cats are special to her they are her only companions. Thomas, her paperboy never has time for 'tea and conversation' with this elderly lady, yet she thinks the world of him and hires him to look after her cats for the weekend. While in her home, Thomas and his friends begin to understand that Miss Kaplan, in fact had loved ones and 'a life.' When Miss Kaplan returns home to honour her brother at Remembrance day services, the concept of personal loss becomes just a little clearer to Thomas and his friends.
  • Simon's Run
    Monday, January 21
    3:00 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    Simon's overly cautious and polite manner slots him as unexciting to his peers. He finally achieves a sense of belonging when he excels at track and makes the team. Thomas, however, is not too happy now that he has no tutor in math! Thomas and Simon learn the true meaning of friendship.
  • Haunted Poetry
    Friday, January 18
    3:00 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    A heritage project leads Thomas to explore the mysterious story of the local 'haunted house' and the two old women who lived there in isolation. Thomas and his friends learn the truth about the ladies and realize that town prejudices and gossip had dealt the ladies a great injustice.
  • Life's Lessons
    Thursday, January 17
    3:00 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    Simon's overly cautious and polite manner slots him as unexciting to his peers. He finally achieves a sense of belonging when he excels at track and makes the team. Thomas, however, is not too happy now that he has no tutor in math! Thomas and Simon learn the true meaning of friendship.
  • Midnight Bowling
    Wednesday, January 16
    3:00 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    Lisa develops a crush on Josh Jordan, the captain of the football team and decides she must attend the high school dance in order to win his heart. Even though her parents say she is too young to go, she schemes with Thomas and attends anyway. She gets caught in her own web of deception and realizes that honesty is the best policy.
  • No Place Like Home
    Tuesday, January 15
    3:00 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    CPR classes are being offered at Thomas' school and all students are expected to attend. Thomas does not take this opportunity seriously and feels he has more interesting things to do. He and Barry camp out late into the night, only to be in very poor shape to learn anything about lifesaving the next day. Thomas learns a lesson about responsibility as he can only stand and watch when a life threatening emergency arises.
  • Three's a Crowd
    Monday, January 14
    3:00 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    Thomas develops a hopeless crush on Susan, the prettiest and most popular girl in school. Against their better judgment, his best friends, Simon and Lisa try to help him. Unfortunately, Susan is not serious about Thomas. Thomas seems to be a 'fool for love' and is oblivious to Susan's insincerity and Lisa's true feelings.
  • Uncle's Birthday
    Friday, January 11
    3:00 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    The chance of a lifetime! Simon has invited Thomas to go to an NHL hockey game at centre ice! Meanwhile, Thomas' mom is insisting that he attend a very special birthday party she is planning for Uncle George on that same day. Thomas has no luck in escaping the party and gradually realizes this is not just a birthday party. He discovers that Uncle George is fighting a deadly disease. Thomas learns very quickly how to honor those he loves.
  • Politics and Promises
    Thursday, January 10
    3:00 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    Thomas is talked into running for Junior President of the Student Council. He feels this is not his strength, but is swept up by the attention the limelight offers. Eddie, his more sophisticated, but less popular friend tutors Thomas and even writes his speech. Thomas finally finds the courage to stand up for himself and his friend, Eddie.
  • Simon's Lottery
    Wednesday, January 9
    3:00 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    Simon Chiu, Thomas' best friend follows tradition and is a dutiful son. However, he is getting just a little tired of his boring life and of working for his own father! Thomas pushes Simon to hold a lottery. The townspeople buy lottery tickets in hopes of winning Simon's services for the summer. The scheme and the boys' friendship turns sour when Ms. Crabbe wins the lottery and makes Simon her slave. Both boys agonize over the consequences and recognize that the grass is not always greener on the other side.
  • Magic Hour
    Tuesday, January 8
    3:00 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    Thomas' interest in magic leads him to promise a magic show to the local hospital. Little sister, Tracy wants to be part of this exciting event but she is such a pain! She thinks she knows it all especially when Thomas is having trouble getting anything to work! A series of events renders Thomas' friends unable to assist him with the show but Thomas must keep his promise to his audience! Tracy forgives Thomas for shutting her out and helps him make the show a success.
  • My Brother's Keeper
    Monday, January 7
    3:00 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    Thomas regards his bright and accomplished older brother, Dennis with awe and admiration. Dennis is now preparing to leave his home and family for university. As Dennis has a goodbye drink with his friends, Thomas becomes concerned that Dennis may drink and drive. A comedy of errors unfolds only to underscore Thomas' love and devotion for his older brother and his anxiety of being separated from him.
  • New Kid in Town
    Friday, January 4
    3:00 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    Cousin Alex comes to live with the Thompson family. Thomas' excitement dulls quickly when Alex's competitive spirit makes Thomas feel inadequate. After a disastrous 4H club hike in the woods, with Alex trying to prove himself, Thomas realizes that Alex needs time to adjust to being part of a family.
  • Grandma's Chair
    Thursday, January 3
    3:02 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    Thomas is shocked when he discovers that not only his grandmother's house is being sold, but all her furniture too. He wants to save her old rocking chair for himself, but problems are coming his way...
  • Do You Believe It Is Cool To Be A Good Kid?
    Wednesday, January 2
    3:00 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    Thomas trades his precious comic collection against an expensive art book with Barry for one week. When an accident ruins the book, Thomas gets much more than he bargained for.
  • Because I Do Things
    Tuesday, January 1
    3:00 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    The soccer team looks doomed --until Dylan and Tracy join and start organizing! In fact, Dylan and Tracy become the engine behind the machine. Little do Tracy and the team know that they will have to summon all of their strength and courage to see Dylan through the challenge of his lifehe --has been diagnosed with cancer.