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Tansi Nehiyawetan

Tansi! Nehiyawetan is an interactive educational series that invites children to learn Cree with Kai, Kayla, and Auntie Josephine through games, stories, animation, songs, and adventures in the city. Nehiyawetan provides a rich learning environment where children can explore the world and the strength and beauty of Cree culture and language. Nehiyawetan draws on traditional ways of learning combined with proven language teaching methods, inspiring children to learn Cree in an engaging environment. Nehiyawetan show encourages children to be curious about the world, through motivating segments that approach learning holistically. Nehiyawetan is based on research that supports the value of language immersion, incorporating language lessons into everyday activities and real adventures so children at home can identify with our cast and feel confident to learn alongside with them. Each episode of Nehiyawetan begins with Kai, Kayla and Auntie Josephine at home practicing their new Cree words in an active, positive way. The Cree lessons are reinforced through visual imagery that leads us to our musical guests, who sing the words in lively songs that are easy to follow and remember. The songs are incorporated into age-appropriate musical videos that are fun and entertaining.

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