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Cooking with the Wolfman

Cooking with the Wolfman presents culinary wizardry from an aboriginal perspective. Only on Cooking with the Wolfman will audiences discover how to North American Bison is fused with exotic spices, Cholent is slow cooked, Fricasse of Rabbit can have a twist and Chick Pea Curry is served with traditional game. Chef Wolfman's straight forward recipes provides First Nations products fused in International recipes. Watch Cooking with the Wolfman to rediscover the bounty of traditional foods - both nutritionally and economically. Each episodes of Cooking with the Wolfman included a couple of co-hosts and a food nutritionist. Aboriginal cultural facts were presented on screen to illustrate the diversity and richness of Aboriginal languages of the peoples of the West Coast, the Plains, the Far North, and the East Coast. Food facts were also presented to help explain standard culinary practices and food nutritional values. In other episodes the show has featured various Aboriginal community.

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