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Workplace Essential Skills

This exciting video series helps those who are unemployed and under-employed develop essential skills for finding and keeping a job. An outstanding resource, Workplace Essential Skills teaches pre-GED adults (sixth to eighth grade reading level) how to use basic skills in the workplace. You may begin using the series when it premieres this fall. The skills content of each program is demonstrated through scenarios drawn from four workplace contexts: construction, manufacturing, health care, and retail/service. Episodes 101-105 identify job search strategies, episodes 106-108 introduce strategies for new hires; and episodes 109-124 develop basic skills in reading, writing, math, problem solving, and communication in the workplace. The last program is a half-hour student orientation.

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  • Orientation
    Wednesday, June 12
    10:30 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    No description available.
  • Trends and Predictions: Graphs and Data
    Wednesday, June 5
    10:30 pm on UEN-TV 9.1
    Graphs and data track performance of all kinds, whether it's how well a product is doing or how many sales an employee has made that week. Making sense of graphs and spreadsheets is an important skill. Learn how data is collected, displayed, and used at work.