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Inspector Simon Magellan unravels crimes and mysteries in the fictional French town of Saignac. But that's just his day job - he's also raising two teenage daughters. In French with English subtitles.

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  • Dead at Auction
    Wednesday, October 3
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    Magellan discovers the dark side of the art world. Directed by É tienne Dhaene, 2015.
  • Crystal Reflections
    Tuesday, October 2
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    A Saignac glassworks heiress falls to her death during a visit home. Directed by François Guerin, 2014.
  • Trial By Fire
    Monday, October 1
    1:00 pm on MHz Worldview 9.2
    The brutal murder of a firefighter uncovers a dark secret. Directed by Emmanuel Rigaut, 2014.