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What Collections are Included in UCME?

A total of 6671 media items reside in the Utah Collections Multimedia Encyclopedia.

The items are generously and enthusiastically contributed by a dozen different projects and organizations. These groups and the "themed sets" of media items are listed below...


A Peoples' History of Utah [video series]...
The University of Utah Media Solutions contributes video clips, photographs, and historical and illustrative maps from the video telecourse, A Peoples' History of Utah. In this 20-part video series, Professor Dean L. May, Ph.D., Department of History, University of Utah, provides a sweeping view of Utah's past, from its earliest known desert beginning--from its prehistory, to the pioneer era, to the transformation from territory to state, to its critical role in the world war years and beyond.

188 media items total


Utah Foothill Native Plants...
Red Butte Garden and Arboretum contributes slides of Utah Native Plants found in foothill regions. The photographs show the changing appearance of various plants throughout the seasons.

13 media items total


Friday Edition [radio series]...
Audio clips from public radio station KUER-FM's Friday Edition stories add history and contemporary comment to Utah events. Utahns relate their memories of the floods of 1983, the Scofield Mine Disaster, and Swedetown. Also included are accounts of African Americans in early Utah, the ways early settlers changed the landscape, and life in small towns.

42 media items total


The Geography of Utah [video series]...
The University of Utah Media Solutions' Geography of Utah series gives users access to hundreds of photographs and video excerpts with accompanying closed captions and transcripts. The original twenty-two part series from which UCME assets are drawn encompasses the political, cultural, historical and sociological geography of the state of Utah. It describes the activities, the land and the people. Most of the video material was videotaped on location throughout the state of Utah, giving the student and interested viewer valuable field trip experiences. Albert L. Fisher, PhD (retired), of the University of Utah Department of Geography was the inspiration and author of the series content.

545 media items total


Hispanic Culture in Utah & Hecho in Utah...
Singers, dancers, musicians, boat builders, wood carvers, and ceramists are included in the photos, biographies, and audio clips contributed to UCME by the Utah Arts Council Folkarts Program from their Hispanic Culture in Utah archives and the book Hecho in Utah.

111 media items total


Utah History Encyclopedia [text]...
The University of Utah Press contributes one of the core collections, the Utah History Encyclopedia, in which over 200 contributors write about the individuals, organizations, locations, institutions, and topics of importance to Utah's history. "This book provides fascinating information from the Utah War to the Utah Jazz, from Philo T. Farnsworth to Flaming Gorge. This reference describes the people, places and events that have shaped this state." The hard bound book was edited by Alan Kent Powell and originally published in 1994. It is currently out of print, but the articles are now preserved and digitally distributed through UCME.

578 media items total


Utah History Encyclopedia [photographs]...
The Utah State Historical Society contributes the photographs used in the 1994 work, Utah History Encyclopedia, originally published by the University of Utah Press. In fact, our digital version of the Encyclopedia allowed us to more than double the number of images associated with the Encyclopedia's articles, as compared to the images printed and published in the hard bound book.

221 media items total


Utah Place Names...
The University of Utah Press provides UCME with another Utah reference book, Utah Place Names (compiled and written by John W. Van Cott). It is a publication describing precise locations, name origins, and intriguing lore of over 4500 places and their associated names in Utah. Originally published in 1990, the book is currently out of print, but the articles are now preserved and digitally distributed through UCME.

4617 media items total

Utah Postcard Collection...
The historical Utah Postcard Collection, contributed by the J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah, includes over 190 postcards illustrating Utah's main streets, buildings, and unique sites. Subjects range from early rodeo events in Cedar City to the changing face of the Salt Palace. These are classic representations of Utah as seen through postcards. Included in the descriptions for each postcard are any notes and messages that were written on the flip side of the originals.

196 media items total

Utah: The Struggle for Statehood [video series]...
Public broadcasting station PBS Utah, contributes historical photographs from its award-winning series, Utah: The Struggle for Statehood, written and produced by Ken Verdoia. The original 4-part series, from which the UCME assets are drawn, describes Utah's unique, fifty-year path to statehood. Many of these images are derived from the collections of the Utah State Historical Society.

120 media items total

Val A. Browning Memorial Collection...
The Utah Museum of Fine Arts contributes photographs of its Val A. Browning Memorial Collection, 39 paintings donated to the Museum and the citizens of Utah by Mr. Browning, Utah industrialist and philanthropist.

40 media items total


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