By Troy W. Gold
Bonneville International Corporation is a globe-spanning organization which has its roots in Utah, having been founded in Salt Lake City in 1964 by Arch Madsen. The LDS Church-owned company is a prominent leader in the broadcast industry. Bonneville has informed, educated, and entertained communities throughout the country.

With its core of 150 employees located at the Triad Center in Salt Lake City, Bonneville International owns thirteen radio and television stations located in the following U.S. cities: Seattle, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Kansas City, and New York City. These cities form such vast broadcast ranges that all of North America is reached by Bonneville stations. The company is represented in Utah by KSL TV and by KSL 1160 AM radio. Both are highly acclaimed award-winning organizations whose broadcast areas are the largest in the country.

Bonneville interests also include an advertising company, a film and video production company, a broadcast music service, a Washington, D.C., news bureau, and telecommunications and entertainment companies. Third Avenue Productions is a commercial production service to the Northwest. Bonneville Media Communications creates TV and radio productions. Bonneville Broadcast Service is an international supplier of syndicated music. The Washington News Bureau broadcasts news from the nation's capital to Bonneville stations, and Bonneville Telecommunications provides stock and commodity quotes as well as other information to the finance industry. Bonneville's programming is internationally known and recognized - for instance, founder Arch Madsen served on the board of directors of Radio Free Europe, and believes broadcasting to have been a critical element in the vast changes experienced recently in eastern Europe.

Bonneville has expanded greatly since its genesis in Utah. Such growth and achievement began early in the company's history. Bonneville was first affiliated with KSL TV and radio and soon began expansion. The year 1964 brought the acquisition of radio and television stations in Seattle. Later, in 1966, Bonneville acquired an FM station in New York City, and in 1970 another station in Chicago. The company continued to grow, obtaining affiliates in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Kansas City.

Bonneville International has enjoyed nationwide success in the broadcasting industry, including earning a number of awards. They include the Emmy and Clio awards, the Dupont/Columbia Award for journalism, the National Broadcast Editorial Award, the Golden Mike Award, the Iris award for local programming, and the George Washington Award for public service.

Such awards recognized Bonneville's excellence in achievement and commitment to community service. In fact, these two characteristics form the core of Bonneville's philosophy and mission. To founder Arch Madsen, "holding a broadcaster's license is a sacred responsibility." Thus, Bonneville is committed to providing community service. The company's stations uphold this responsibility through public-service announcements, telethons, participation in and funding of foundations, and many other efforts.

Through broadcasting, Bonneville International has not only immensely benefited its viewing public, but has also taken Utah's community spirit and shared it with viewers throughout the world.

Disclaimer: Information on this site was converted from a hard cover book published by University of Utah Press in 1994. Any errors should be directed towards the University of Utah Press.