Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital badge?

Digital badges, also known as microcredentials, represent evidence-based instructional skills or concepts. A digital badge is proof that the badge-earner has demonstrated that she effectively and consistently uses the target skill or concept as a part of her instructional practice.


Who created U-Badge or Utah Digital Badges?

Utah Digital Badges, also known as U-Badge, is a project of the Utah State Board of Education (USBE). Specific badges and badge stacks within U-Badge are developed by Utah districts, charters, schools, higher education institutions, educational leadership groups (e.g., UEN), and other stakeholders in Utah’s public education system.


Who can earn a Utah Digital Badge?

Any educator in Utah’s K-12 public education system can earn U-Badges. This includes educators in both district schools and charters. We strive to design badges that can be earned by educators in a range of roles, including classroom teachers, instructional coaches, counselors, administrators, etc.


How do I earn a digital badge?

There are four steps to earning a digital badge:

  1. Browse the U-Badge catalog in MIDAS and choose the badge you want to earn.
  2. Collect the evidence demonstrating your use of the target skill or concept.
  3. Upload your evidence in MIDAS.
  4. Respond to the reflection prompts in MIDAS.

Your submissions will be reviewed and you will receive rubric-based feedback through MIDAS. If your initial submission is returned for revision, there is no limit to the number of times you can re-submit to earn the badge. Access MIDAS here:


What is a stack?

A stack is a group of digital badges that represent closely related skills or concepts. Once you earn all the badges in a stack, you become eligible to be one of U-Badge’s paid reviewers.


What is the value of a digital badge?

Digital badges give the badge-earner two things: bragging rights and USBE credits. You’ll want to post your badges for others to see on your webpage, social media, etc. You’ll also want to include your digital badges on your resume so potential employers can see your skillset.


Why are badges worth either 0.25 or 0.5 USBE credits?

All Utah Digital Badges are worth either 0.25 or 0.5 USBE credits. Quarter-credit badges represent a skill or concept that can be demonstrated with one evidence submission. Half-credit badges represent a broader skill that requires two evidence submissions.


Who reviews my Utah Digital Badge submissions?

Evidence and reflections that are submitted to earn a badge are reviewed by licensed Utah educators who have earned all the badges within that stack. When your submission is reviewed, you will receive a message from MIDAS with the review results, including feedback based on the rubric. There is no limit to the number of times you can resubmit to earn a badge.


Why do I have to pay a review fee to earn a badge?

The review fee is used to compensate the educators who review evidence and reflection submissions. This helps to keep the Utah Digital Badges project self-sustaining.


Do U-Badges expire?

Yes. Utah Digital Badges expire 5 years after they are earned. When a badge expires, it appears grayed-out. You may re-submit to renew your badge at any point—before or after the 5 year expiration—by following the most current requirements on MIDAS.

The USBE credit you gained when you earned your badge does not expire with the badge; your credit will remain on your transcript. Renewing a badge does not generate another 0.25 or 0.5 on your transcript.


What is meta-data?

A digital badge is more than just a snazzy emblem to share on LinkedIn. It’s also a link to meta-data about your badge, including when you earned it, the evidence you submitted, and your reflection.


Why do I get to choose from a menu of evidence options?

When you examine the requirements for a badge, you will see that there is a menu of different types of evidence you can submit. We know that every educator is different, with different interests, skills, and circumstances. We want you to be able to select the evidence that best reflects your practice.

I earned a digital badge through another organization (NEA, Google, etc.). Can I receive USBE credit?

USBE is working on a framework to include digital badges and microcredentials from other issuers into Utah Digital Badges. Check back often to see our progress.


How do I develop a new badge or stack?

We are actively working to partner with stakeholders to broaden and deepen the ecosystem of digital badges. Contact Daron Kennett to learn more: