What is a Microcredential

A microcredential, also known as a badge, is a digital form of certification indicating demonstrated competency of a specific skill. A microcredential represents an educator’s demonstration of effective and consistent use of the target skill or concept as a part of instructional practice.

Who can earn Microcredentials?

Any educator in Utah’s public education system can earn microcredentials. Microcredentials can be earned by educators in a range of roles, including classroom teachers, instructional coaches, counselors, administrators, etc.

Why earn Microcredentials?

Microcredentials give the learner three things: visible recognition of demonstrated competency, leadership opportunities, and USBE credit. They can be posted to your webpage and social media or added to your resume so potential employers can see your skillset.

There are four steps to earn a Microcredential:

Support Videos

Browsing the Catalog
Selecting Microcredentials
Submitting Evidence
Submitting Reflections

Learn more about Utah Microcredentials

Utah Microcredentials is a professional learning opportunity supported by the Utah State Board of Education (USBE). Specific microcredentials and stacks of microcredentials in the catalog are developed in partnership with Utah districts, charters, regional service centers, higher education institutions, UEN, and other stakeholders in Utah’s public education system.